Guaranteed Reliability Isn’t Just for Industrial Fans

Since our founding in 2002, AirPro has focused on the bigger picture just as much as the details of our industrial fans. That’s because from the very beginning, our founder, Keith White Sr., built it into our culture to be laser-focused on quality and reliability for our customers, vendors, colleagues, and neighbors. Even as we have grown and become employee-owned, we have nurtured that culture, and we hope it shows in everything we do.

Starting with People

While we make products, that’s not all we are. We are people serving people. That translates into being great to do business with based on a foundation of respect, and quality in every interaction. Take that to the community level. We don’t just make great stuff. We make great partners and create great jobs, and we deepen the industrial roots of Rhinelander.

“We live in an area that even though it’s remote and has more animals than people, it still happens to be an area where the work ethic is among the best in the United States,” Keith explains. “My goal was to take my talents, my efforts, and apply them in such a way that would end up benefiting many of my neighbors.”

Making and Keeping Promises

Our years of cultural commitment to quality led to consistently outperforming the industry standards for on-time delivery, quote turn-around time, drawings, expedited delivery, and product reliability. So we turned that into a very important promise of guaranteed reliability for three years in our industry-first 3-year warranty on everything we make or service.

Keith elaborated, “The three-year warranty that we just introduced, it’s the first time this has ever been done in the industrial fan marketplace, and that’s a reflection of where we are collectively with our attitude.”

Innovating for Customers and Growth

One of the things you’ll learn about us is that we are continually innovating based on what our customers need and how we can improve the process or experience for them. But that doesn’t mean we never stop to see the world around us. That’s more important than ever this year too.

“I define success as success in life, not simply your work,” Keith continued. “Ultimately it’s what are you going to be able to enjoy going in and doing and giving yourself to. I have to have a bigger perspective, a bigger viewpoint than just what’s going on at AirPro.”

Hear it from Keith

We captured Founder Keith White’s thoughts on why he started AirPro, what quality really means to the company, the underpinnings of guaranteed reliability, and a perspective on work and life in this two-minute video.

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