The Down and Dirty Details on Clearing the Air

Dilution air (air that combines with flue gas) is present in power plants, as well as boiler systems, cooling systems, and other industrial systems that produce dirty air. Each of these requires a dilution air fan to assist in removing the pollutants from the flue gas to clear the air for breathing.

Used with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, the dilution air fan is typically a corrosive-resistant industrial process fan that efficiently moves the required air in these types of applications.

Process Fan Replacement at a Fossil Fuel Power Plant

We recently replaced a custom dilution air fan at a fossil fuel power plant in less than four weeks. We shared a fast-paced project overview and description of this application-specific dilution air fan installation in this 1-minute video.

To accommodate the required volume and pressure of dilution air, the fan featured stainless steel air stream components, a 100 horsepower motor, and a purged shaft seal to limit ammonia leakage. We also designed the fan to operate safely at temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, with a fan housing that included thermal insulation to prevent injury from touching the fan’s hot surface.

Delivering the Optimal Dilution Air Fan

Air quality and safety are top of mind for most industrial processes, and installing the appropriate process fan is often critical. Important factors include selecting the right fan type and size and building with construction materials and quality that will hold up to the environment.

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