Family Culture Wins for Employees, Customers & Company

All companies and jobs are not created equal. When you own the company, when you trust your colleagues, when you know your customers, you may start feeling right at home. The family culture at AirPro Fan and Blower Company is a win for our employee/owners, our customers and beyond.

As you can hear in the above video, “The value we provide goes far, and touches almost every industry you can imagine. Our tried-and-true vision is to bring together the best minds in engineering to develop top-quality industrial fans and blowers, and deliver them with unmatched customer service.”

Family Culture Drives Innovation

It’s tough to be truly innovative if your ideas are lost in a corporate vacuum. Our success depends on employees working with our customers on a daily basis, and collaborating to deliver new solutions, process improvements, and better service. There are three primary things that contribute to innovation:

  • Family culture of respect and empowerment
  • Customer focus and prioritization
  • Owner stake and accountability

In the video, we hear from an AirPro employee about what makes AirPro different. “My previous employment was a much larger company, I felt like a number. Here, I don’t feel like a number at all. If you have an idea, you can go talk to people about stuff, and you get feedback.”

Premier Employer in the Industry and in the Northwoods

Family culture both derives from and contributes to the way we treat our people. When you’re as invested as we are in finding and keeping top talent, you know that “employment” is not just a job. It plays a central role in the life of an individual as well as a community. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, competitive benefits package, and a work environment that supports teamwork, ideas and customer focus.

To learn more about AirPro’s family culture, check out this 2½ -minute video.

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