On-Time and Expedited Holiday Fan Shipping: There’s Still Time

Many businesses may slow down over the holidays, but most rarely stop. And many of our customers will be in full swing fulfilling this season’s orders, preparing for the next season, and conducting business as usual. We’re no different. And business as usual for us means on-time fan shipping and delivery, even with expedited orders.

On-Time Fan Shipping is Built-In

With 20+ touches throughout the manufacturing process, “on-time” depends on more than a promise. It depends on a deep commitment to communication, collaboration, resourcefulness, and accountability. When we say on time, we mean ON TIME. So if you request a quote tomorrow and we quote you the following day with a ship date before the holidays, that means that you’ll have it before the holidays. Period.

Whether it’s holidays or weather, there are many potential hold-ups in the system. We’re betting you’d rather know what to expect than wonder about your vendor/partner. In February of 2019, we had known supplier issues and five weather event days, meaning no inbound or outbound trucks to the warehouse. We rallied to our on-time target of 95 percent despite the setbacks in a short month and achieved a 97 percent on-time fan shipping and delivery that month.

Expedited Orders Feel Like Christmas Morning

We’re not going to lie to Santa or anyone else. We love a challenge. Our continuous focus on our customers, on-time fan shipping and delivery, and quality means that we are exceptionally capable of planning for the unexpected. We love nothing more than the rush of an expedited request, and we thrive on delivering custom fans in as little as six days. Boom. Better than a Red Rider and no shattered glasses.

The Flip Side of Custom (or Christmas) Fan Shipping

Capacity is a thing. If we can’t make it before the holidays or turn of the year, we won’t tell you we can. If you need it asap, please tell us asap! At some point, we’ll have to start quoting January dates, and for those who need their fans sooner than that, the holiday countdown is ON. Please request a quote or contact an application engineer to get your project in line before Santa heads off with his list.