Success in 2019 Sets a High Bar Heading into 2020

With less than a month to go in the year, we can’t wait any longer to report the good news about our on-time delivery averages for 2019. It’s our first full year designing, building and shipping centrifugal fans and blowers with on-time delivery to industrial and OEM customers as our number one manufacturing metric. The results are making us as happy as Christmas morning.

By the Numbers: Monthly On-Time Delivery Averages

  • Hit 100% twice in 2019
  • Beat 95% goal each month in 2019 YTD
  • Actual monthly on-time delivery average for 11 months YTD >98%

Why Worry About On-Time Delivery Averages

The short answer is “because it really matters to our industrial and OEM customers,” but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Your centrifugal fan or blower is just one component in a much larger logistics and operations puzzle. Dependable ship date and delivery can make or break your project, and have a major impact on the overall project budget.

Maintaining on-time delivery averages at or above goal also has a dramatic impact internally. With limited facility space in the shop, we need to stay organized and streamlined at all times. This helps us avoid pinch points, where a slow down in one job can start to have a domino effect on other projects. It has also become the primary metric we celebrate together and solve together. It has kept us communicating, collaborating, and holding our industrial and OEM customers central to every part of the process.

Actively Managing On-Time Delivery Averages

Meeting and beating our goals does not happen by accident, and it is not easy. We don’t just wait until the month is over and see how we did. We watch it ongoing and each order and ship date at a time. We always have to work for it.

February 2019 was an extreme example, with five “weather-day events” where we had no trucks in or out of the plant due to snow and ice, plus a known supplier issue affecting several orders. We pulled the whole manufacturing and production team together and outlined what it would take to stick to our commitment of greater than 95 percent on-time delivery average for the month. If we were PERFECT on everything else, we could still get to 97 percent. We finished the month at 97.12. That’s how we roll.

Industrial and OEM Customers Keep an Eye on Us

We’re so committed to our on-time delivery promise that we are publishing it each month. Starting in 2020, we’ll keep it going as a rolling 12-month view, so it it always shows the latest numbers. Bookmark this On-Time Delivery page to keep track it along with us.

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