Fan Machinery Reliability is the Tip of the Iceberg at AirPro

When it comes to industrial equipment, machinery reliability tends to stay top-of-mind. If it’s down, you’re down, and that means lost time and money, and often lots of hassle or even safety issues. It’s why we insist on high-quality materials of construction, top-notch welding, optimal design, rigorous testing, and proper installation. We back it all up with our 3-Year Warranty!

But for us, it goes deeper than machinery reliability, all the way to the core of how we operate, behave, interact, and communicate. The concept of reliability influences everything we do and all the decisions we make internally, for our customers, and for our community.

Beyond Fan Machinery Reliability

We just can’t overstate it. When we say you can count on us, we mean every day, all the time. If we mess up – and we do – we fess up, and we make it right. It’s important to be candid about this. That’s how it became integral to our culture. It didn’t happen overnight. We built processes to support it from human resources and operations to sales and service. Here are some of the ways it shows up beyond simple machinery reliability.

Customer Expectations

There are expectations, and then there are Expectations. Customers expect the equipment to work. That’s barely table stakes in our book. We’ve always known we can go well beyond that bar, and we’ve built a reputation that allows our customers to know it too. They expect things to be on time, people to be responsive and qualified, problems to get identified and solved, performance to last. That’s what we deliver.

“Reliability is a really important piece of what we’re about. When I buy something from any company, I expect it to come at the price I ordered it at and I expect it to come on time.” – Keith White Jr., VP Operations

Product Longevity

Machinery reliability is about way more than functional performance in the moment. That’s essential for starters, but what’s also important is that it continues to perform year after year. How many times have you had an appliance or technology that just happened to fail soon after the one-year warranty expired? Barely making it through the warranty period isn’t good enough. That’s why we build our fans for long-term reliability and expect them to operate for many years.

“Reliability is always what has been key for us. We believe that as a product ages and customers see it still work, that matters.” – Seth Matthews, Order Engineering Manager

Colleague Trust

What about our internal “machinery” reliability? The inner workings of our own operations matter just as much as the parts in our products. If we can’t count on one another, the system is broken from the start. It starts with hiring people as committed as we are, and continues through supporting them with processes that enable and reward systemic reliability. That’s our secret sauce.

“It’s very important. There’s a lot of trust. Looking out for each others’ work, making sure the department before you is delivering, and then doing what you do to set up the department afterward.” – Brian Waidzulis, Production Manager

Furthermore, the quality and trust of our colleagues is part of what allows us to keep up the pace when demand increases. There’s no way around it, it can still be a challenge, but having reliability and trust baked into the process frees us up to move faster in a pinch.

“The amount of raw materials coming through the building is probably close to double what it was when I was hired here 3 ½ years ago. It’s harder to keep track of things if we don’t have reliable staff.” – Dave Medland, Supply Chain Manager

Community Impact

Reliability even shows up in our corporate citizenship. We were founded on the principle that community matters, and the commitment to contribute to the vibrancy of our hometown in Rhinelander over the long run. Our families and community are part of the ecosystem of our company culture, and they know they can count on us too.

“Reliability for us – it’s comprehensive because it touches on everything.” – Keith White, Founder & President

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