Manufacturing Efficiency & Growth in the Time of COVID

At the turn of each year, we take the time to look back at what we accomplished in the previous year. That’s an important exercise for an organization dedicated to continuous improvement based on serving the customer with absolute reliability and quality. From manufacturing efficiency to sales growth, year-over-year progress and momentum are key to a strong and sustainable business.

That’s as true for 2020 as it is for any other year. But in a year where so much felt beyond control and challenging for most organizations and individuals across the world including ourselves, evaluating performance and business insights revealed even more about the character of our company.

Our 2020 Business Insights

We were fortunate to be deemed an essential business and continue to operate throughout the 2020 pandemic. We don’t take our responsibility lightly, as we realize many companies were not so lucky. Yet it’s not that the pandemic didn’t affect us. It certainly did. Manufacturing efficiency was challenged at times when colleagues were out with COVID-19. And when our customers’ businesses were affected by closures or reduced demand, our sales pipeline took a hit. So when we look at our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business insights for 2020, we see far more than the numbers. We see personal investment, dedicated collaboration, and a world-class work ethic.

Even with all the challenges of the pandemic, we finished 2020 with strong performance, good momentum, and increased manufacturing efficiency. On-time delivery promise remained a constant priority, increasing year over year to 97.8%, well over our baseline goal of 95%. After introducing our industry-leading 3-Year Warranty, which comes standard on everything we make, we still maintained a very low .24% warranty claims rate compared to all-industry averages of 1.5% (according to a long-term study conducted in 2019 by WarrantyWeek).

KPI Highlights

  • 6% Gain in Floor Efficiency
  • 97.8% On-Time Delivery
  • 0.24% Warranty Claims Rate (% of Sales)
  • 782 Days and Counting – Running safety record for working without a lost-time accident

Carrying Momentum Forward

We came out strong because we went in strong, and because we remained relentlessly focused on things that matter to our customers: reliability, quality, and speed. Expect more of the same in the coming year, including continued innovation in terms of new products, line extensions, and process improvements.

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