Introducing a Custom High Pressure Blower Line Extension

Industries such as Petrochemical & Chemical often require extremely customized industrial blowers to meet industry standards with maximum reliability. If that’s you, we’ve got good news. We now offer an ultra-custom High Pressure Blower line with increased airflow capacity up to 150,000 cfm. Stringent customizations are available, including API 673/560 compliance. If that’s all you need to know, we’re ready to talk.

What’s New?

We’re always working with our customers on ways to serve them better. They’re at the core of our innovation process, and they keep us busy and motivated. Our latest release is an exciting extension of our High Pressure Blower line that cracks the code on performance curves.

Our extended custom high pressure blower line adds seven core designs for both shrouded and open models that are highly-customizable for variable volume and a broad range of applications. We engineer them to match your performance curve precisely, go with the flow, and optimize efficiency.

Capable of handling vapor or low particulate in high-pressure applications, our highly customized high pressure blowers allow consistent wheel width and optimize for greater efficiency and peak performance with high pressure and low, variable, or higher volume. We meet unique customer requirements, space limitations, and equipment footprints. Extensive customization allows us to achieve API 673/560 requirements and other needs across the spectrum of specifications and a wide range of applications.

Who Needs a Custom High Pressure Blower?

You know who you are. So do we. And our engineers have worked out how to design custom high pressure blowers for a wider range of applications than just about anyone. Of course, we design for common applications like combustion air, pneumatic conveying, and selective catalytic reduction. The new high pressure blower line extension means we also design for complex industrial applications from energy production and supply to food and pharmaceuticals and more. When you’re customizing performance, the complexity and the opportunities expand exponentially.

How to Get Started

Custom means custom. That means working with our application engineers and/or your rep to design exactly what you need. Start by scheduling a meeting or contacting us. We’ll work through your specifications together and get you what you need.