We designed a high-pressure blower for this continuous-duty automotive application. It features a welded aluminum fan wheel and vibration isolators with an upblast configuration and a direct-drive Arrangement 4 motor.  

Our high-pressure blower is the go-to design for continuous-duty industrial applications with high static pressure and low airflow. With straight radial blades positioned at 90-degree angles to the outside surface of the wheel hub, this strategic design keeps the wheels free of debris as the air and materials flow through the airstream.  

Protecting applications like this one from vibration issues that can otherwise shorten the blower life (or cause catastrophic failure if not addressed) is critical to continuous operation. Vibration isolators help keep the fan and surrounding equipment safe when the foundation is not ideal (a base 3-5 times the mass of the fan and extending six inches beyond the steel structure). 

Performance: 400 cfm airflow @ 14” wg static pressure @ 0.073 lb/ft^3 inlet air density  
Product TypeP05D (high pressure) 
Size160 (16” diameter impeller) 
Arrangement4 (direct drive) 
Horsepower2 HP 
Max Design Temperature150°F

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