3-Year Guarantee on All Products

Time for some good news. As of April 2020, we are raising the bar on our Standard Warranty. Every product we make now comes with a 3-Year Gold Standard Warranty.

We build fans and blowers that last, and we stand by them. That’s not new. What’s new is that the Gold Standard Warranty extends our guarantee to 3-years for all products. It’s not extra. It’s not a reward. It’s standard – for us and our customers. We think you deserve that, and you should know we’ll deliver it.

How and Why We’re Making Gold the New Standard

Across the industry, we see a standard warranty of 12 months from installation or 18 months from the shipment, whichever comes first. The centrifugal fans and blowers we make outperform that consistently. So we decided to wrap the value of confidence and reliability around the promise of quality. Now you have it in writing on each and every one of the fans we design and build.

Like everything we do, the reason is simple: it’s all about our customers. The early feedback from customers has been worth its weight in gold to us. Our sales reps and OEM customers immediately recognize the boost in confidence of working with an industrial fan and blower manufacturer that guarantees its products and performance for an extended period as a rule. End-users who count on our fans and blowers to keep their processes up and running value the promise and delivery of reliability above just about all else.

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