We designed this custom backward-curved tempering air blower on a skid with a 75 HP IEEE 841 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) severe duty motor.

Custom features included an inlet filter silencer, a removable sound insulation blanket for radiated noise, an opposed blade outlet damper to help control airflow, a pie-split housing for maintenance access, a Teflon shaft seal to protect against leakage, and a unitary base with a junction box mounting. This tempering air blower sizing is fairly large with a 23.2” diameter wheel.

Situated downstream, the tempering air blower helps increase the toughness of steel and aluminum by quenching (rapidly cooling) the very hot annealed material using clean, fresh air.

Performance: 11,000 cfm airflow @ 24” wg static pressure @ 0.068 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCMS (backward curved)
Size232 (23.2” diameter wheel)
Arrangement4 (direct drive with unitary base)
Horsepower75 HP
Max Design Temperature150°F

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